Topics for AFC 2023

Any propositions on the topics are welcome.



Expected topics are included in the table, but are not limited. Any propositions to the organizing committee are welcome.

 0. Issues for our foundry industry  0A Carbon neutral/zero emission
   0B Energy/environments/material flow
   0C Technical tradition/education
 1. Materials  1A Ferrous
   1B Non-ferrous
   1C Composite
   1D New Materials/alloys
   1E Sand, Mold/Core
   1F Others
 2. Processes  2A Smart foundry (3D printing etc)
   2B Melting
   2C Molten metal treatment
   2D Foundry technology
   2E Gravity casting
   2F Die casting
   2G Large ingot casting
   2H Continuous casting
   2I Heat treatment/surface treatment
   2J Foundry facilities
   2K Quality control
   2L Others
 3. Characterization/CAE/fundamentals  3A Modeling
   3B Simulation
   3C Microstructure analysis/characterization
   3D Mechanical properties
   3E Chemical/physical properties
   3F Direct observation
   3G Others