Greeting from chairperson of AFC 2023

Shimizu Kazumichi

President of Japan Foundry Engineering Society

Professor, Muroran Instriture of Technology


Dear colleague, hello from Muroran, Japan

We had a difficult time due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Realizing the necessity of face-to-face discussion among foundry persons, as a president of the Japan Foundry Engineering Society (JFS), I decided with the local organizing committee and JFS to hold the 16th Asian Foundry Congress. The first Asian Foundry Congress was held in Sendai, Japan with support by the Japan Foundry Engineering Society. Since the first AFC, the congresses have contributed to exchanges of recent progress in science and technology of casting in Asian countries. It is a good time to restart exchange and cooperation through AFC. I am pleased to hold the 16th AFC in Murora, Hokkaido, Japan on December 1-4, 2023 (AFC 2023).
Muroran is the capital city of “Iburi” subprefecture in Hokkaido (the northern island of Japan), and has been known as an iron/steel city. Muroran Institute of Technology, as a national university of Japan, has significantly contributed to the development of industries. I believe that the city Muroran is the most appropriate for the next AFC. Since Muroran is also a port city with abundant nature, the participant will be welcomed by beautiful scenery. It is also a good opportunity for international and domestic participants to have experiences of nature and culture in Muroran, Hokkaido.
AFC 2023 is essentially an offline (In-person) meeting. The participants are strongly encouraged to attend the in-person meeting. The congress also provides online access to the technical sessions because we learned the online meeting could have a complementary role during the pandemic. Namely, AFC 2023 is held as a hybrid meeting.
It is a great pleasure to have old and new friends coming from afar. We look forward to seeing you at AFC 2023 and having valuable exchanges of recent progress in the science and technology of casting. Muroran is waiting for you.

Yours sincerely,

Shimizu Kazumichi